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Danielle Martin is the founder of True Mindsets and began the mindset and performance coaching in 2017. She was inspired by the late Ken Ravizza, a famous and remarkable sport psychology consultant that built incredible relationships and worked with some of the best athletes world wide. Her mentor and colleague, Dr. Reggie Cochran, recognized the gift Danielle possessed and encouraged her process and growth back into the world of sports as a promising mindset coach herself.

Dr. Reggie is an internationally known consultant, speaker, best-selling author, a Martial Arts Champion and business partner/coordinator for Mr. Chuck Norris.

​Danielle Martin has become one of the most exclusive mindset and performance coaches in sports. As an athlete, Danielle has excelled in land and water sports. Her childhood passion for athletics earned her recognitions as California State Athlete of the Year as well as catapulted her into a professional surfing career right after high school. Martin is also a World Champion, Pan American & National Champion in jiu-jitsu. Danielle’s vast career as an on camera talent, model and motivational speaker landed her in Los Angeles where she attended and graduated from UCLA as a student athlete. Martin published her first book, True From the Inside Out in 2017. Danielle currently resides in San Diego, Ca. with her two sons, Bryce and Brody.

True Mindsets meets the athlete where they are, and progress begins there.

- Danielle Martin

Danielle is the founder and Ambassador of True Boundaries and The True Boundaries Charitable Foundation. She uses her black belt to empower others and to educate people on their strengths and weaknesses from the inside out. Danielle is an expert in personal protection and designed various programs over the years that focus on using instincts and intuition to make smart choices, and that promote personal well being and safety. Danielle is known for her unique and impressive combination of traits and talents that make her an authoritative voice and presence amongst top professionals.

Danielle is fueled by her combined experiences to develop a very unique, detailed and specific way of working with her clients. She refers to top achievers as 1% mindset types. She excels at taking the 1% mindset and helping them become the 1% of the 1% in their respective arenas. Danielle’s ability to translate her combined experiences into a formula that has produced some of the steepest improvement curves for her professionals is one of a kind.